Side-By-Side Youth Invitational

The Side-by-Side Youth Invitational is a long-standing program with the Racine Symphony Orchestra. High School students can participate in one of the Racine Symphony Orchestra’s concerts, typically the Spring Masterworks Concert. Students are paired with an orchestra member for one piece in this concert. This allows students to utilize that orchestra member as a temporary mentor. Students not only get the opportunity to play with the Racine Symphony Orchestra, but they also get one-on-one time with an orchestra member to learn a variety of techniques and get advice from a professional musician. This may be a one-time opportunity for students, but it can lead to long-term relationships within the orchestra!

In order to participate in this program, students must submit a short video application. Students should include the following information when sending in their video:

Students may start submitting their videos to starting January 1, 2024. All orchestra and band students are welcome to submit a video application. Please note that piano students may be limited due to staging. Please contact the office with any questions.