Board of Directors and Staff

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Board Director Information 2019
Application to RSO Board 2019-20

President – Lorie Ann Karls
Vice President – Shelly Wruck
Treasurer – Steve McLaughlin
Secretary – Linda O’Connell

Marshall Cushman
Timothy Keith Griffin, Jr.
Georgia Hall
Curt Hubmann
Doug Johnson
Erwin Lackner
Tammy Leverich
Cathy Meyer
Sharon Ramquist
Carrie Richmond
Claire Stein

Beth Bender, Executive Director
Pasquale Laurino, Artistic Director and Conductor
Heather Keszler, Patron Services Manager
Andrea Forgianni Imoehl, Program and Communications Coordinator
Anna Kojovic, Orchestra Personnel Manager
Jessica DeBoer, Orchestra Librarian
Bradley Ames, Equipment Manager