Haydn Project

Did you know that the RSO turns 100 in 2032, the same year that marks the tricentennial of Franz Joseph Haydn’s birth? With that happy coincidence, we pondered how to appropriately celebrate both milestones.

The RSO turning 100 is obviously a big deal, but why all the fanfare surrounding Haydn? Haydn taught Beethoven, mentored Mozart, and influenced Schubert. He influenced classical music in a multitude of ways. This “Father of the Symphony” composed over 100 symphonies, over 60 string quartets, 32 divertimenti for small orchestra, and over 150 instrumental trios. His works were critical to the development of sonata form.

Beginning with the April 2017 Masterworks Concert, which marked the end of our 85th season, the RSO performed Haydn’s Symphony No. 85. In our 86th season, we performed Haydn’s Symphony No. 86.  Subsequently, we performed Haydn’s Symphony No. 87. We will continue through Haydn’s Symphony No. 100 in 2032, the year of our 100th anniversary. Maestro Laurino and the RSO are committed to delivering a performance of one of Haydn’s works at every single Masterworks concert between now and the capstone of our 2032 season. The Hayden Project will encompass an exciting survey of Haydn’s works including concerti, chamber music and masses and will include selections from The Seasons and The Creation. Prior to this undertaking, the RSO performed just 27 of his works.

Very few arts organizations have executed projects of this significance and duration. We invite you to join us on this celebratory musical journey 300 years in the making through the RSO’s 100th anniversary!